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Lightning Safety

 Countryside Little League Lightning Policy

When lightning strikes within ~6 miles of Countryside Community Park, all players and coaches are to leave the fields and seek safe shelter.  This includes any cloud-to-cloud lightning and cloud-to-ground lightning.

Safer shelter does NOT include staying in a dugout or waiting under the overhang by the concession stand.  Players, coaches, and families should pick up their belongings (ie. - ALL equipment) and are to evacuate into an automobile or in a building.  This is for the safety of everyone who participates in Countryside LL activities at the Countryside Community Park.

Players and coaches must remain in shelter (automobile, building) and off the fields until 30 minutes have passed with no lightning recorded within 6 miles.

This policy must be followed by all who participate in Countryside LL activities (managers, players, families and visiting teams) – NO EXCEPTIONS! 

Penalties for not following the Countryside Little League Lightning Policy:

First Offense:  Receive counseling and a written warning from the board that that will include additional instruction on the Countryside Little League Lightning Policy.

Second Offense:  A season long suspension.

Lightning Alerts for Countryside Community Park

To assist all managers, coaches and families, Countryside LL provides access to lightning alerts for Countryside Community Park provided by Weather Decision Technologies (WDT).  

All board members and managers are required to download the WeatherOps application to their smart phone device from Apple ITunes or Google Play stores.  The WeatherOps application provides “lightning within ~6 mile” alerts and “all clear” alerts.  Additionally, the application indicates how much time is remaining until the “all clear” alert will be sent.

All Countryside LL families may request access to the WeatherOps application or simply just receive alerts via text/email.  Countryside LL families should request access or request to receive alerts by emailing [email protected].




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