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What Is It and How Does It Work?



The Hit-A-Thon Is Countryside LL's primary fundraiser and is the ONLY fundraiser that involves our players.

Throughout the year, Countryside LL organizes nearly than 50 teams with over 500 baseball and softball players from the ages of 4 through 16. Countryside LL has operating expenses including the purchase of uniforms and equipment (baseballs, catchers gear, coaches bags, hitting tees, etc.) to successfully run the league each season.  Registration fees pay a good portion of the overall expenses as well as the sponsorships we receive from our valued partners.  However, Countryside LL aims to continue improving its facilities to provide the best overall "Little League" experience for our players and families.  In order to continue making improvements, Countryside LL seeks funding beyond registration fees and sponsorships.

This year's Hit-A-Thon, we are looking to raise funds for the following facility improvements:

 - Helmet and new batting racks for each dugout
 - Replace netting in the batting cages
 - Other miscellaneous equipment items

Previous Hit A Thon's have raised funds for the purchase of sunshades for all fields. This money was set aside in a separate bank account and still being held by the league. Initial conversations with the City were stalled but those conversations have been renewed.   We are hopeful that we will be able to finally see this project to completion in 2022.  Any extra funds raised during this Hit A Thon, we will be placed into this account and used to help fund the remaining balance for the sunshades.


The Countryside LL Hit-A-Thon will be held on Saturday, April 10th at Countryside Community Park in Clearwater, FL.  Please come out to cheer on all of the players supporting Countryside LL!  With over two hundred players and volunteers involved, the Hit-A-Thon will be a fun event for all! 

All teams will be scheduled to start the Hit-A-Thon after their team pictures.


Field 2 Hit-A-Thon
9:10am         SB-Storm
9:35am         SB-Miami Heat
10:00am       SB-Venom
10:25am       SB-Cyclones
10:50am       SB-Lightning

 Field 5 Hit-A-Thon
9:30am         Majors - Pirates
9:55am         AAA-Phillies
10:20am       A-Thunder
10:45am       A-Knights
11:00am       T-Ball Gold Rays
11:30am       T-Ball Navy Rays
11:45am       AA-Cannon Ballers
12:05pm       AA-Storm
12:30pm       AA-Bulls
12:55pm       Maj-Dodgers
1:20pm         50/70 Rays

Field 3 Hit-A-Thon
9:40am          AAA Padres
10:05am       AAA BlueJays
10:30am       A-Iron Birds
10:55am       A-MudCats
11:20am       T-Ball Grey Rays
11:45am       A-River Cats
12:10pm       T-Ball Light Blue Rays
12:25pm       AA-Trash Pandas
12:45pm       AA-Thunder
1:40pm       AAA-Tigers


Prior to Hit-A-Thon Day

*Players obtain sponsors who donate flat donations or 'per foot' donations.  Please see below on how to collect donations.

*Please support Hit-A-Thon fundraiser at practices. Managers and coaches that ‘market’ the event have proven to generate the most funds for the league

*Use creative ways to help ‘market’ the event. For example, the team that collected the most funds last year allowed the player who collected the most to run a team practice.*

Hit-A-Thon Day

*All players are expected to participate.

*No money is collected or turned in on Hit-A-Thon Day.

*Each team should wear game uniforms for the event.

*Each team will receive an arrival time and field time. Teams should arrive on time at designated field/dugout.

*Each team must provide three adults: pitcher, dugout/lineup coordinator, and ball collector.

*Each team is to bring helmets and bats. The league will provide baseballs.

* Each player will receive up to 3 hits or 5 pitches.  T-Ball division will hit off a tee, A-Ball the coaches will pitch to the players,  AA players will hit off of the pitching machine and then AAA on up will be coach pitch.  The longest hit for each player is recorded.

*Keep moving. There are a lot of teams to participate in a short window. All teams will have 25 minutes on field.

After Hit-A-Thon Day

*Each player should continue collecting donations from sponsors.

*Each team must collect check and cash donations from all players.

*Each team must submit their team collections by no later than Monday May 3rd at Countryside Community Park

*Failure to turn in the collected funds on time may affect the individual and team prize distribution.

Prizes will be given to Team Managers/Coordinators before the end of the season.


If each player collects $100, we will collect more than our goal!!!!

HIT-A-THON ONLINE! We are excited to streamline the donation and donor outreach process for our upcoming Hit-A-Thon. Countryside LL players will be able to reach out to friends and families electronically by email, Facebook, and Twitter, instead of going door-to-door, tracking commitments, and handling checks.  Additionally, donors can make a contribution to support with a simple and secure online transaction.

Players receive an email from "99Pledges" where players will be invited to in the 2021 Hit-A-Thon for Countryside Little League.  The website will allow players to easily solicit pledges and donations. Some donors may sponsor a pledge “per foot” payable after     the team participates in “Hit-a-Thon” day. The League also strongly encourages donations of a flat amount to be paid at the time of the solicitation.
See Countryside Little League ONLINE site:  CLICK HERE 

Players collecting checks or cash may use the Countryside LL Hit-A-Thon Collection Letter/Form.

Is the donation tax deductible?  ABSOLUTELY!  Countryside Little League is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible. (Federal Tax ID # 59-2267373)


Individual prizes will be awarded based on donations collected.  There will also be a top team prizes.

CLICK HERE to view 2021 Hit-A-Thon Individual and Team Prizes

$10 Gift Cardto Countryside LL Concession Stand

$10 Gift Cardto Countryside LL Concession Stand

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