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Countryside Little League

Est. 1982 - Clearwater, Florida

It's a team effort

Countryside Little League is successful because the community supports our players and our purpose. 

All involved with Countryside Little League, from the Board of Directors to the coaches, are volunteers, giving their time and talent to ensure our players have the best possible experience in their young baseball and softball careers. We rely heavily on our volunteers, and we welcome additional volunteers all year long.

High School students are welcome to volunteer at the league to earn their volunteer hours for Bright Futures.

Volunteer roles

Listed below are the key type of volunteers needed to successfully operate the league (but may not be limited to):


◾ Team Manager (head coach)
◾ Assistant Coaches (for practices and games)
◾ Practice Coaches (for practices only)
NEW! Team Rep (see below for more info)
◾ Scorekeeper (AAA and above)
◾ Concession Stand (at a minimum of volunteer hours, families of AA families and above are needed on a rotating basis to cover shifts when the team is assigned a game time to cover)
◾ Junior Assistant/Coach


◾ Board Member*
NEW! Countryside Krewe (see below for more info)
Little League Umpire

*Please reach out to [email protected] if interested!

Coaching & Team Related Volunteers


We expect that our managers and coaches will help players improve their baseball and softball skills. It is also our responsibility to ensure that the players (and their parents) view their managers and coaches as models of integrity and good sportsmanship.

Your commitment to modeling and promoting these qualities will ensure that the culture at Countryside Little League builds strong character in our children.

Each season, CSLL families are asked to complete a survey about their experience with various aspects of our league. Some of the survey is directly related to their experience with the team manager. Below are the content areas that are rated at the end of the season, and therefore indicate the attributes we are seeking for managers in our league.

  • Provide quality instruction in development of baseball + softball skills
  • Maintain effective communication with players and parents
  • Model sportsmanship among players, coaches, and umpires
  • Promote competitiveness and fair play
  • Provide a healthy and positive environment for players
  • Serve as a positive role model to the players
  • Encourage participation for all players



Specific duties of the Manager include: assessing players, drafting a team, selecting official coaches, setting practice schedules, and conducting practices. Managers must understand and ensure that the team adheres to Little League and Local Rules (i.e., pitch counts, modified rules for division). Managers take a lead role in communicating with parents and league officials. Given the number of responsibilities it takes to run a team effectively, managers select and assign parents to assist the team (i.e., Team Rep, Score Keeper, Pitch Counter, and other roles deemed necessary). 


Working collaboratively with the Manager and helping to follow league and team rules for the players and parents.


As the Team Representative you play a very important role in how your team operates.  You are the Manager's support system to help ensure your team has the best and smoothest possible season.  Communication and organization are key to a successful season. 
The league will host at least one mandatory Team Rep Meeting each season. Things you'll be helping with are:

Opening Day Parade (Spring Season only)
- Making sure your team knows when to arrive, where to go, and all other necessary details.

Score Keepers (needed for all baseball and softball teams AAA and above)
- Making sure, along with the Manager, that your team has (ideally) 2 people who are trained on how to do the score book and they are present for the game.

Concession Stand Assignments (for all AA - Majors teams)
-Keeping track of, and communicating about, team concession shifts.

Community Day (Spring only) + Picture Day
-Taking lead on putting together a raffle basket for fundraising raffle. 
-Communicating about Hit-a-thon event
-Making sure your team knows when their picture time is slated and what the expectations are.

Little League Day at The Rays (Spring only)
-Collecting money from the team for tickets
-Communiocating with the league about the event
-Distributing tickets for the team

Organizing a Rotating Team Snack Schedule
-Traditionally done for AA, A-Ball, and Tee-Ball)

End of Season Awards + Team Celebration (OPTIONAL)
-Working with the manager to award players with something of your choosing (certificate of some sort, or awarding players various with titles like: "Silver Slugger," "Best Attitude," "Team Spirit," etc.)
This is at the Manager's discretion and is not mandatory. 
The league does not cover the cost of awards or a party, you would need to collect funds from your parents/guardians.

Countryside Krewe


It takes many volunteers to run this program successfully. We need and want your support!

Running a League takes a lot of hard work and commitment from people just like you. We are always in need of volunteers to help with managing and coaching teams.

However, there are many other, different, opportunities in which you can help. With the many events that come along throughout the season, an extra helping hand is always welcome. That's where you come in!

Please join the Countryside Krewe to get involved and help our league stay strong.

Volunteers are needed for:

Skills Evaluation Event (Baseball + Softball)
Opening Day (planning, working the event, etc.)
Flipping burgers
Movie Night 
Community Day (planning, organizing behind the scenes, set-up, etc.)
Fundraising Events
Acquiring donations for fundraising 
Social Media
Softball Program Expansion 
Procuring supplies for events (eligible for reimbursement)

We envision this group of people being on an email list- and when opportunities come up, we shoot you a message about what's needed, and you can sign up to help based on your availability. 

You can sign up for this role when you register your player, or at a later time.  Volunteers for this role will undergo the background check process to be eligible to help out on fields and around players. 

Contact Us

Countryside Little League

2640-D Sabal Springs Drive 
Clearwater, Florida 33761

Email: [email protected]

Countryside Little League

2640-D Sabal Springs Drive 
Clearwater, Florida 33761

Email: [email protected]
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