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Jun, 2021

Volunteer Today: Open Board Positions

Countryside Little League Board
Open Board Member Positions 2021-2022

Countryside Little League is seeking volunteers for our Board of Directors. Having not been heavily involved with a local league before is a positive, as you will be able to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. So, do not let the lack of years under your belt deter you from seeking a spot on the Board. There are all sorts of roles to fill where you could be a valuable asset to our league.

Every local league needs committed volunteers. If your child began playing Little League last year, or your Little Leaguer is about to start in the Fall, we encourage you to attend our league’s Annual Meeting of the Members
on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Attending the Annual Meeting is the first, most important step in getting involved. At these meetings, you will learn more about what volunteer positions are needed in our league. Volunteers often help with concession stand duties, field maintenance, fundraising, event planning, communications, and coaching.

All Board Members share in the responsibility of being “on duty” during home games at Countryside Little League. This can entail ensuring fields are unlocked and lined for games, ensuring the Concession Stand is opened and volunteers are present.

We currently have the following positions open:

Vice President of Upper League Baseball
Presides in the absence of the president; works with other officers and committee members; and carries out such duties and assignments as may be delegated by the President.

The Vice President of Upper League Baseball shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President, provided he or she is authorized by the President or Board so to act. When so acting, the Vice President shall have all the powers of that office;
  • Perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors or by the President;
  • Schedule all Fall and Spring games including any games which are cancelled by the Board and need to be rescheduled. Also, provide the Concession Manager League Information Officer with all schedules and applicable changes for regular season and tournament play;
  • Coordinate with City Liaison for field access at Frank Tack Park and Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial condition of the local league and providing monthly or periodic updates to fellow board members. The individual will prepare financial statements and budgets, including the annual financial report to the submitted to the league’s membership. The Treasurer also handles income and expenses of the league and properly tracks and records them. It’s a big job, with a very important role in making sure our league operates smoothly, and our volunteers and players have all the support they need. The Treasurer will share in Board Member on Duty shifts for game days throughout the season.

The Treasurer, to properly perform the functions of the position, should have:

-Financial and Accounting Management Experience

While the Treasurer does not need to be an accountant or work in the financial field, some background and ability to handle financial and accounting tasks, is strongly recommended. The ability to prepare proper and thorough records is essential.

-Thorough Records

To avoid possible issues of theft, a Treasurer should keep solid financial records and track all the league’s purchases. This should include approval for all purchases and requirement of receipts and order forms for all transactions, no matter the size of the purchase.

The Treasurer shall:
Perform such duties as are herein set forth and such other duties as are customarily incident to the Office of Treasurer or may be assigned by the Board of Directors;

  • Receive all monies and securities, which shall be deposited weekly in a depository approved by the Board of Directors; 
  • Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of the Local League, including the Auxiliary, approve all payments from allotted funds and draw checks therefore in agreement with policies established in advance of such actions by the Board of Directors. All disbursements by check must have dual signatures;
  • Prepare an annual budget, under the direction of the President, for submission to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting; 
  • Prepare an annual financial report, under the direction of the President, for submission to the Membership and Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, and to Little League International; 
  • Be responsible for notification and collection of all balances due to the local league.

The Treasurer may be asked to improve the league’s financial management:

-Money Counting Procedures

To be transparent and to limit mistakes, multiple individuals should be included in money counting. A procedure for counting money after each concession stand use must be in place, which may include counting upon opening and closing. Forms should be developed to streamline the process.

-Conduct Audits

An audit committee should be used that includes three Board of Directors members, but not the President, Treasurer, or anyone that signs checks. The committee should review the league’s books and records at least quarterly, but ideally on a monthly basis. The committee should also ensure it meets prior to the annual meeting and provide its findings to the President and Treasurer.

Written Financial Management Guidelines:
The Treasurer, with the Board of Directors or an appointed Committee, should institute written financial management guidelines so they are expressly explained and questions would be very limited in times that issues may arise. 

Coaching Coordinator
Being a good Little League coach is so much more than providing on-field instruction. It’s ensuring that players are learning, growing, and having fun, in all aspects of the game. The Coaching Coordinator ensures that these vital volunteers have the resources they need to make the season a successful one for all participants and parents.

This individual should be someone with past coaching experience, but it's preferable that the individual is not a current manager or coach in the league.

A Coaching Coordinator should be familiar with the following to properly perform the duties of the position:

  • Little League Rules and Regulations
  • Player Management Duties
  • Training and Education Offerings

The coaching coordinator shall: 

  • Represent coaches/managers in league; 
  • Present a coach/manager training budget to the board;
  • Gain the support and funds necessary to implement a league-wide training program;
  • Order and distribute training materials to players, coaches and managers; 
  • Coordinate mini-clinics as necessary; 
  • Observe/investigate the conduct of all managers and coaches and report its findings to the President and/or Coaching Coordinator; 
  • Ensure that all Rules and Regulations are adhered to by players, coaches and managers;
  • At the request of the President, Coaching Coordinator or Board of Directors, investigate complaints concerning managers and coaches and make a report thereof to the President or Board of Directors as the case may be; 
  • Coordinate with the Equipment Manager to plan for future equipment requirements; 
  • Serve as the contact person for Little League and its manager-coach education program for the league; 
  • Support the Concession Stand Manager by ensuring that managers have parents available for assigned concession duty.

Uniform Coordinator
The Uniform Coordinator is a member of the League who reports to the President. The Uniform Coordinator is elected to the office by a vote of the Board of Directors.

The Uniform Coordinator shall:

  • Recommend yearly budget for uniforms;
  • Collect at least 2 bids to present to board of directors;
  • Coordinate team colors and designs for team shirts;
  • Work with Player Agents to coordinate sizes and team requirements
  • Work with Sponsorship Coordinator to determine team sponsorships and sponsor names on jerseys
  • Finalize orders;
  • Organize and schedule distribution of uniforms upon arrival each season
  • Handle any uniform corrections and redistribution of uniforms
  • Coordinate Spirit Wear for parents and families for matching gear for their players teams (Spring Season Only)
  • Coordinate All Star Uniforms in the post-season with VPs of Baseball and Softball
  • Be the purchasing agent for swag, medals, and trophies for regular season and tournament play.

If you or someone you know is interested in any of the open positions, please contact Mike Davis at [email protected].

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